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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a session cost? Sessions are an hour long and cost £70. The only exception being a stop Smoking/Vaping session which lasts for two hours and costs £180.

How many sessions will I need? The number of sessions varies based on your individual needs, your intent to create change and how far you wish to take the process. Typically when dealing with things like Stress, Anxiety and Depression I would suggest 8-12 sessions, but again this is down to you as the individual. Fear and Phobic responses require four sessions including your free initial consultation. Stop Smoking sessions are a one off 2-hour session.

How often do I need to come? One session per week is recommended, this gives you time to process and work on the changes that you would like to make in the week ahead. You will also be given a free copy of my relaxation track to listen to at bed time each evening in between sessions. It is possible to have more than one session per week, should you wish, but this is not necessary. Occasionally I am asked about fortnightly sessions, which is also possible, however this may take longer to build the momentum required on your journey so may ultimately require more sessions in total.

What is trance and am I still in control during it? Trance is a perfectly normal experience, in fact we go into trance several times a day without even realising. The trance part of a session is a wonderfully relaxing experience where your mind is able to drift and dream, bringing together the consious and subconscious mind to build the foundations of the change you want to develop. You remain completely in control in trance and it is not possible for any hypnotherapist to make you do anything that you don't want to, unlike what many people believe having seen stage hypnotists on the TV. The very process of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is led by you.

What is a typical session like? Sessions last for one hour, the first half of the session is discussion based and spent activating your left prefrontal cortex (the positive part of your brain), recapping the theory and research behind Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and setting a goal for the week ahead. The second half of the session is on the couch where you will enjoy the lovely relaxing experience of trance.

Is online hypnotherapy as beneficial as face to face? Yes, online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face to face, meaning you have the choice to best meet your own needs.

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