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Sports Performance

Whether you want to develop elite performance, increase your confidence, deal with nerves or are looking to rehabilitate from injury, the mind is an essential part of performance enhancement.  Improve your confidence, focus and technique to take your performance to the next level and perform without limits.

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Our mindset can make or break a performance! At elite level all athletes are highly trained and physically prepared, so why do some athletes excel whilst others choke? The difference lies in our mindset.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy enables us to rehearse our performance using the benefit of trance, allowing you to feel completely confident in your performance and being focused solely on positive outcomes with a level of calmness and determination to drive your performance to the next level.  When we rehearse mentally our brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality, enabling us to develop all aspects of performance or to rehabilitate from injury whilst we are unable to physically train.

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